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*Photos are taken from the web and not ours, we are showing examples of what items we can get for you


If you want a certain product but don't see it listed, please contact us as we can source these. There is a min order of 50qty when ordering. We are able to get some of the listed items in different colours and shapes.


Products will range from $2-12 each, depending on what production you are looking for. If you order more than 100 pieces, the price may be reduced =)


Please note that it does take up to 8-10weeks of production plus shipping time.


Place your order and I'll recieve an email. I will contact you asking what you would like.


Some of the items we are able to get are:

  • Marble Hexagons Tiles - approx 10cm 
  • Marble Arabesque Tiles - 
  • Marble Rectangle Tiles
  • Agate Slices - approx 7cm (any colour)
  • Large Agate Slices
  • Crystal Cluster points
  • Seaglass
  • Small Glass Glossy tiles
  • Clear  or Crystal Pebbles
  • Slated slabs


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